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from 01/04/2023 to 30/10/2023

To see around the campsite
The Beauce, the ‘route du blé’, Chartres and the region of Marcel Proust

The Beauce used to be a vast lake. Once the lake withdrew, it left a wealthy land, ideal for farming. This explains the extent of the region’s crop growing. Even though the Beauce region boasts a variety of farming, wheat remains the key production. Around the itinerary called ‘la route du blé’, you can discover the many aspects of this farming land offering endless horizons scattered with windmills, charming villages and elegant farms. The area’s biggest mill in Ouarville is definitely worth a visit. The Beauce will unveil countless secrets to its visitors: unspoiled flora and fauna, extraordinary nature sites, surprising valleys (valleys of La Conie and l’Aigre), caves (caves of Foulon in Chateaudun), etc.